The Aeroboat is Claydon Reeves’ answer to anyone seeking a boat combining speed and contemporary elegance; a heady combination of old-school romance and modern-day technology.

Inspired by the British World War II fighter plane, the Spitfire, the Aeroboat preserves the purity of this beloved aircraft. Core 
to our concept is the renowned original Rolls Royce Merlin engine that powers the Aeroboat. The supercharged Merlin V12 engine with its bespoke gearbox and final drive can be specified in various states of tune from 1500hp up to 2500hp giving rise to speeds in excess of an astonishing 75 knots.

The fluid lines of the original plane combined with modern automotive features inspired the design. This can be visualised in the sensual form language of the stern echoing the wing’s trailing edge, the sweeping tail, and the authentic air intake scoop. Yet this is also a distinctly contemporary yacht design using carbon fibre, Kevlar and lightweight wood veneers.

The cockpit can be configured to an individual’s demands, comfortably accommodating four to six passengers. The forward seats are a unique shock- mounted design inspired by the Spitfire landing gear. The helmsman has the use of a combination of analogue gauges for basic functions and touch-screen navigational systems. Dominating the helmsman’s controls is the joystick-inspired throttle.

This is indisputably not your average tender but of course it could be carried on a super yacht.

The Aeroboat is ideal for anyone seeking a fast, stylish day boat who might choose to breakfast in Antibes, lunch in St Tropez and dine in Les Hyères.
Claydon Reeves plan to build a limited edition of five Aeroboats tailored to the personal requirements of each client from cockpit layout and interior trim to engine specifications and exterior finishes.

LOA: 14.64 m
Beam: 2.98 m
Max draft: 1.14 m (depending on propellers)
Weight: 7700 kg
Passengers: 7 (max)
Power: 1600 - 2100 hp
Maximum speed: 50 knts

Production limited to 10 boats

Naval Architecture by Laurent Giles Naval Architecture Ltd
To be built by Green Marine Ltd

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